The Australian Citizen Science Association – SA, Inspiring SA and the Department of Environment and Water are proud to announce the finalists for the highly anticipated Citizen Science Awards 2023. The awards recognise the invaluable contributions of ordinary citizens to extraordinary science. The finalists are Find Our Fungi and Insect Investigators which both showcasing the impact of citizen science in advancing engagement in science and scientific understanding.

Citizen science has steadily grown into a global movement, with enthusiastic individuals from all walks of life participating in meaningful research projects. These two exceptional initiatives exemplify the potential of harnessing collective knowledge and passion to expand scientific knowledge.

Find Our Fungi, is a community fungi monitoring project, citizen scientists are provided with information to discover, identify and maps the location of fungi in the Murraylands and Riverland regions.

Insect Investigators, led by a team of entomologists brings together scientists and schools across South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland to collect specimens to discover, document and describe this understudied part of Australia’s biodiversity.

Three people in the foreground stand next to a creek one dangles scientific equipment in the water

The recognition of Insect Investigators and Find Our Fungi as finalists in the Citizen Science Awards 2023 underscores the relevance and impact of citizen science in modern research. These projects highlight how collective efforts by everyday individuals can contribute significantly to scientific discoveries, data collection, and problem-solving, supplementing traditional research approaches.

Hon. Dr. Susan Close MP Deputy Premier and Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science says:

“The South Australian Government is proud to support the South Australian Citizen Science to recognise the incredible work of citizen scientists in this field of research. Citizen science makes an enormous contribution to expanding our knowledge of nature and helping to answer priority questions about the environment which underpin the long-term protection of South Australia’s unique biodiversity.”

The winner of the Citizen Science Awards 2023 will be announced on Friday 11 August at the launch of National Science Week in SA and awards presentation.