November 29, 2018

Call for Presenters!


We all know the Fringe just hasn’t had enough physics in it. This year’s that’s all changing, as Physics in the Pub takes its rightful place in the phun of the phringe.

Tell a story, run a quiz, sing an ode to a nematode – get creative in the friendly environment of the Rob Roy Hotel. The crowd will be warm thanks to MC Dr Phil of Phil Up On Science (and maybe because of the warming beverages…)  – you have eight minutes to entertain and inform them.

Last time we had the geophysics of graves, indigenous astronomy and poetry about going to live on Mars – what will you do? Contact Dr Phil now to discuss your idea, on or 0414945577. Deadline for Expressions of Interest: Fri 21 December.

WHEN: 5.45 PM, Tuesday 12th March, 2019

WHERE: Queen St Ballroom, Rob Roy Hotel, 106 Halifax St, Adelaide, 5000

COST: Free, thanks to Australian Institute of Physics and Inspiring SA. Registration required!




Physics in the Pub The Fine Print for Presenters

* Acts are limited to strictly eight minutes.
* Available resources at the venue: powerpoint, screen, mac, microphone, PA sound system, dimmable lights. (No Keynote, sorry)
* Participants need to inform us of their requirements for AV, sound, tables, power, etc before the night.
* Presentations are displayed from laptop provided only, to prevent AV hiccups. We’ll assist with downloading material and testing in advance
* There are limited slots available on the night: we will do our best to include as many participants as possible, selection will be based on showcasing a range of performances and experience.
*There will be limited help available for setup and packup, for heavy or complicated equipment so please BYO roadies.
* Participants must ensure that the stage is clean and tidy for the next participant.
* Remind Phil to buy you a drink on the night!

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