October 4, 2019

ACSASA eNews October 2019


In this e-news:

  • Come along to our upcoming ACSA-SA community event in combination with the Port Adelaide Enfield Council
  • See what new citizen science projects and events you can get involved in

See below for all the details.


Environment Citizen Science Forum

In collaboration with the Port Adelaide Enfield Council, ACSA-SA is hosting a forum to discuss environmental projects that local communities can get involved in. You’ll hear from environmental groups who are looking to expand their outcomes by incorporating more of the general public, with discussions around how to set up these types of projects and ensure they are of scientific rigour.

We would love to see the citizen science community there and if you’re looking to start a citizen science project this is a great opportunity to gain some fantastic advice!

When: Tuesday 15th October, 6.30-9pm
Where: City of Port Adelaide Einfield Town Hall, 32 Nile St Port Adelaide
Register here: citizen-science-forum.eventbrite.com.au

Mozzie Monitors 2019-2020

Mozzie Monitors are at it again!

“Interested in Citizen Science? Want to be a Mozzie Monitor? We are seeking members of the public to become citizen scientists, by taking part in mosquito surveillance from November/19 to February/20. You can be the next Mozzie Monitor! In addition to being very irritating, mosquitoes can transmit disease, and there’s a need to improve surveillance methods. We are doing research on the best way for citizen scientists to monitor mosquitoes, and to see what benefits people gain from participation.”

Register for our upcoming information event here to find out more.
Information session details: 16th November, 11am-1pm at the Glenunga Hub

Moth Tracker

Zoos Victoria have advertised a new citizen science project to help figure out if Mountain Pygmy-possums will have enough food for spring:

“Right now, Mountain Pygmy-possums are starting to wake up from their winter hibernation in the mountains. They’re hungry for Bogong Moths. Moth Tracker, a citizen science platform, will be used by thousands of Australians to report Bogong Moth sightings. This data will record the annual moth migration so we know if enough moths will arrive for the possums.”

To get involved in Moth Tracker you can:
1) Upload a photo of a Bogong Moth through the Moth Tracker website here.
2) Tell your friends in VIC, NSW and ACT to turn off their lights.

Click here for more information

Hazelwood Park Tree Trail

When: 16th October 2019, 10am – 12pm
Where: Hazelwood Park

Discover the trees of Hazelwood Park! Join a guided walk to discuss the environmental, cultural and economic significance of the park’s trees. There are many wonderful stories to share: learn about tree hollows and wildlife apartments; identify tree species and discuss their environmental benefits; visit trees that existed before Adelaide and consider how trees define the area; and discover the tree species that inspired May Gibbs (once a local resident) to create Snugglepot and Cuddlepie! We will meander through the park and stop at selected trees. The walk will not be difficult, but we won’t be sticking to paths and the ground may be undulating in places.

This event is associated with ZestFest
Register by emailing burnside@burnside.sa.gov.au
OR phoning the Burnside council: (08) 8366 4200

Burnside Urban Foresters

When: 17th October 2019, 6pm – 7.15pm
Where: Burnside Civic Centre

The City of Burnside is developing volunteer opportunities for residents to learn about and participate in urban forest activities: Burnside Urban Foresters. We will provide learning workshops about urban trees and habitat, and opportunities for residents to actively participate in projects about the trees, habitat and wildlife in the City of Burnside. New members of the group participate in a set of introductory sessions. The next introductory course runs each Thursday night for 5 weeks, starting Thursday 17 October.

Register your interest for the next opportunity to get involved here

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