AI Myth Busting at Open State

Special event tackles the myths, ethics and practical implications of AI and machine learning as part of Open State Festival.

SA Scientists Win Big at ‘Science Oscars’

Big congratulations to SA researchers honoured with 2017 Eureka Prizes

SA Science Excellence Award Winners Announced

Meet South Australia’s top scientists and educators

SA Tall Poppies Announced

Meet the new class of Tall Poppies that are changing the world one science story at a time.

Ocean Essence – A Night of Science

Grab a drink and hear SAs top scientists explore the deep ocean.

Echidnas Get CSI Treatment with New Citizen Science Project

Get involved with a new project to learn about this iconic Australia animal.

Science Meets Policymakers

A unique opportunity bringing together scientists and policymakers.

Recognising SA’s Best Scientists

We’ve compiled a new list, acknowledging South Australians that have received major state or national awards.

Searching for Outstanding Ecology Outreach

Apply now for this new ecology outreach award!

Naracoorte, where half a million years of biodiversity and climate history are trapped in caves

The Naracoorte Caves are South Australia’s only World Heritage Site. Find out about their ancient past and why they’re so important.