April 7, 2021

The 2021 Citizen Science Awards are open for application.

Inspiring South Australia and the South Australian Chapter of the Australian Citizen Science Association are delighted to announce the inaugural awards for outstanding Citizen Science Projects in South Australia. We invite applications from groups and individuals currently engaged in citizen science activities that promote and increase community participation in projects that encompass quality science, engagement and education. There will be two awards:

  • Citizen Science Project with outstanding science and research
  • Citizen Science Project with outstanding community engagement


About the Awards

Participation in citizen science is growing around the world and is delivering wonderful scientific, educational and social benefits to many communities. In Australia and South Australia both long-term and new citizen science projects are producing excellent data and observations, engaging communities in diverse activities, and helping to inspire and educate new generations. The profile and capacity of citizen science is gathering momentum and it is time to celebrate some of these achievements.

This year we are offering two awards of $5000 each. We would encourage the use of these monetary awards to further support the project or to generate new projects. Have a look at the Guidelines and Application to assess your eligibility.

Awards will be announced during National Science Week 2021.