Say cheese! and get involved with a new citizen science project to learn about the iconic echidna.

Echidna Conservtion Science Initiative, or EchidnaCSI, is a new citizen science project designed to learn more about these spikey monotremes. How many are there? Where do they live? Are they healthy? The answers to these questions will help conservation efforts.

Citizen scientists can get involved in EchidnaCSI by simply using their smart phone and a new app. The app will encourage everyday people to photograph any echidnas they spot in the wild. Once the photo is taken, location information will be sent to researchers, informing them about echidna populations.

Citizen scientists can also get involved by collecting echidna samples. EchidnaCSI is encouraging the bravest of citizens to collect echidna poo. Echidna poo contains valuable DNA and hormones, which can tell researchers about the health and wellbeing of echidnas.

The EchidnaCSI app is now available on the App Store and Google Play. Keep up-to-date by following the EchidnaCSI Facebook page, downloading the flyer, or visit them at Science Alive! from 5-6 August, 2017.

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