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Join us at the library for World Space Week!


Presented by Kym Thalassoudis, PhD


Astronomy is the oldest and most accessible of the sciences. Anyone, young or not-so-young, can look up at the night sky and explore its many wonders using their eyes, binoculars or a telescope. The emergence of new technologies are enabling anyone to explore the depths of the Universe in amazing detail and in ways that have never before been possible, even from light-polluted environments.

This presentation will include a brief introduction to the night sky and describe how anyone can easily find and enjoy observing a variety of celestial objects on any clear night. It will cover the basic types of binoculars and telescopes used by amateur astronomers, provide some recommendations on what to buy and what to avoid, and explain how revolutionary imaging technologies are making the Universe more accessible than ever, even from heavily light-polluted locations. The presentation will include stunning images of several celestial objects taken from an inner-Adelaide location. A brief telescope viewing may follow the session, weather depending.


Speaker bio:

Kym enjoys a life-long passion for astronomy & space with several interests including astronomy outreach, celestial cartography, and most recently electronically assisted astronomy. Since January 2000 Kym has published The Evening Sky Map each month at Skymaps.com to help tens of thousands of sky watchers worldwide discover the wonders of the Universe. Kym is the Immediate Past President of the Astronomical Society of South Australia, and prior to retirement was employed for 30 years as a rocket propulsion scientist where he lead a world-class team of scientists, engineers, and technicians.

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