Jane Goodall: Rewind the Future

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“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

Think Inc. and the Jane Goodall Institute Australia are proud to bring to you, Jane Goodall: Rewriting The Future in May 2019.

The similarities between animals and humans might seem obvious to us now (see: any major political race or the state of reality TV), but this was not always the case. Dr Jane Goodall uncovered the complexity of social and familial life within groups of wild chimpanzees, highlighting the connection between humans and our closest living relatives. Through her groundbreaking work in Tanzania’s Gombe Stream National Park, Dr Goodall redefined how scientists interact with the wild, contributing to one of the greatest studies of primates the world has ever seen. She has lamented that Tarzan married the wrong Jane…and we agree.

With the 60th anniversary of her arrival in Gombe approaching in 2020, Dr Goodall once again joins Think Inc. to celebrate her work and reflect on how the study that she began years ago endures today. This event will consist of a 40-minute lecture by Dr Jane Goodall, followed by a 40-minute conversation between Dr Jane Goodall and the event host. Think Inc. & the Jane Goodall Institute Australia are honoured to present Jane Goodall: Rewriting the Future, the 2019 Australian Tour.

Doors open: 6:00PM
Event start: 7:00PM
Event ends: 8:45PM
Meet and greet ends: 9:50PM

Before purchasing, please review your ticket choice as all student tickets require a student ID. There will be merchandise sold at the event, including t-shirts and posters. If you have any questions about the event run time, or the event in general, please contact info@thinkinc.org.au.

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