Professor Flint’s Excellent Aussie Adventure at Cleland

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Get ready for an Excellent Aussie Adventure alongside the amazing animals and plants of Cleland, these January school holidays.

Jan 3, 12, 13, 20.

World-renowned singing palaeontologist, Professor Flint, is heading to Adelaide’s favourite wildlife park in search of some of Australia’s most iconic species in an effort to help save our precious wildlife from extinction.

Well known for his singing adventures about Australia’s wonderful prehistoric animals, “Professor Flint’s Excellent Aussie Adventure” sees the Prof on a journey to better understand the animals that are alive today, in order to ensure they don’t go the same way as the animals of yesterday. Along the way, as well as meeting some of Cleland’s most iconic animals, and singing some awesome songs about them, find out what you and your family can do, to make a real difference.

And for the very first time, the Prof goes “Unplugged”, and sings with a guitar almost as old as he is!

Session fee DOES NOT include entry to Cleland. Info on Cleland entry fees can be found at

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