July 25, 2017

The Unsung Hero Awards of South Australian Science and Science Communication are dedicated to hard working scientists and science communicators who have not yet received significant recognition for their work.

This year’s finalists represent the very best in South Australia. The winners will be announced at the SA Science Excellence Awards gala dinner to be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre on 11 August.

Unsung Hero of South Australian Science

Professor Rachael Burton, plant molecular biologist at the University of Adelaide, who has contributed to our understanding of gene controls in plant cell walls.

Peri and Faith Coleman, mother and daughter team who have contributed to our understanding of the South Australian environment.

Dr Francesca McInerney, the University of Adelaide, who has contributed to our understanding of past and future climate change using ancient plants.

Unsung Hero of South Australian Science Communication

Dr Lisa Bailey, The Royal Institution of Australia and Flinders University, who was integral to establishing The Royal Institution of Australia, is the driving force behind the resurrection of SCINEMA and is an advocate for women and girls in STEM.

Dr Ingo Koeper, Flinders University, who has been on the forefront of developing and implementing new teaching approaches, and is also a pioneer of online learning.

Dr Ian Musgrave, University of Adelaide, who has been the most prolific media commentator for the university across the sciences and health sciences.

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