April 17, 2018

Our littlest scientists have caused a big bang in Victor Harbor, with the latest roll-out of our science program for early childhood.

Throughout March, the Victor Harbor Public Library hosted The Little Bang Discovery Club. Over four weeks, children aged 3 – 5 years old collected, classified, measured and experimented using everyday objects.



The response from parents was overwhelmingly positive, with many encouraging family and friends to join the program. When asked about the program, one mum lamented that the best thing was “seeing my son’s eyes light up with each new experiment”.

Others were excited that their children were bringing out the science from within: “He’s a discoverer anyway, but (the program) just encouraged it”

Measurement 2

The Little Bang Discovery Club has also encouraged families to use more science in their lives, with participants pledging to conduct experiments at home in order to answer life’s daily questions. One family has even created their own scientific discovery box to extend their child’s interests beyond the four week program.


The Little Bang Discovery Club is brought to you by Inspiring South Australia, in collaboration with Libraries SA and the Children’s Discovery Museum.

We would like to thank the staff at the Victor Harbor Public Library for their help in sharing the joy of science. We look forward to more stories!