November 14, 2019

The Inspiring Australia funded Mega Murray-Darling Microbat project has just been completed, and the project has some fabulous outcomes.

The MEGA Murray-Darling Microbat Project is supported by funding from the Australian Government Inspiring Australia  Science Engagement Program. This project is a collaboration between the South Australian Museum, South Australian Murray Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board, Mid Murray Landcare SA and  University of South Australia.

Project aims:
• Increase knowledge of the distribution and habitat needs of our microbats (the small insect eating bats)
• Update the conservation status of our microbat species
• Support the community to be actively engaged in bat conservation
• Assist other regions to use this citizen science project model across the Murray-Darling Basin and beyond

Community Contribution:

• 300 people attended bat information nights across the region to learn about their local
microbat species.
• 220 people filled out a social survey that showed a general interest in bats and a willingness to change property management practices to aid in bat conservation.
• 160 members of the community borrowed Anabat Swift recorders through local Landcare Project Officers and set them up in their backyards or elsewhere on their properties to record over 800 overnight surveys.
• Participants also provided habitat information and photos of their sites through BioCollect.
• Team members and trained volunteers identified the species present from the sonograms in the recordings using a new rapid ID technique.
• Resulting in over 3000 microbat species records of 11 species (3 of these call types probably represent more than one species).

Find out what they learnt by reading the Mega Murrray-Darling Micobat report!