July 30, 2021

Hot off the press, our National Science Week in SA brochure is here!

Find all the events and activities being developed by the South Australian community for National Science Week, August 14-22 2021.

Download the National Science Week South Australia Brochure (low res)

Download the National Science Week South Australia Brochure (high res)

National Science Week has been celebrating science in diverse ways in August each year for 22 years, but this is the first time the vast majority of events and activities are taking place online. While it has been and remains a challenging learning experience, we are also excited about the innovative and creative ways in which science can be communicated and enjoyed from a distance.

This year in South Australia we have collated a wonderful array of events and activities for you, your family and friends to enjoy. You’ll find discussions and debates, virtual tours and workshops, podcasts and films, videos and animations, at-home activity packs and citizen science training. We’ll take journeys deep in the ocean through to the shallows, explore ancient and contemporary ecosystems, and examine the challenges of some of our most loved animals. We’ll delve into the extraordinary human brain and look into some perplexing issues of health and wellbeing. Wherever and whoever you are, we are certain there is something here for you!

Thank you so very much to everyone contributing to this year’s science festival – for your extraordinary creative efforts, your willingness to learn new technologies and ways of communicating science, and for the great expertise and passion you bring to our community.

We are very keen to find out who our audiences are this year and what your thoughts are about the events you attend. Please assist us by taking part in the simple post-event surveys when attending events.

We hope you enjoy!

You can also read the brochure using issuu – just click the link below: