April 3, 2017

Students and communities will get a chance to kickstart their creative minds with a new suite of Maker Project grants.

The Australian Government has announced a new set of grants to help schools and community organisations create maker spaces. The Maker Projects grants will enableĀ  students to develop their hands-on experience in design, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Maker Project grants will be offered in two streams. Stream A will award funding to schools to create maker spaces, with the intention that students develop practical experience in working with emerging and advanced technologies. School grants are worth between $2000 and 5000. Stream B of the Maker Project grants will support community organisations expand existing STEM-related events for young people. Community grants are worth between $5000 and $20000.

The Maker Project grants are awarded by the Australian Government as part of the Inspiring Australia – Science Engagement Program. The grants will help to put STEM projects into action.

Grants are now available to eligible schools and community organisations. Grants are awarded on a “first in” basis until the allocation has been exhausted, so get you project ideas in! For more information and to apply, head to the website.