May 4, 2018

Expect stand-up comedy, physical theatre, poetry, dance and even mime from the winners of Perform your Science.

Perform your Science is an opportunity for PhD students and early-career researchers to tell their research stories through the arts. Winners were awarded grants to showcase their research on stage, in a live performance during National Science Week.

The winners are shown below, we can’t wait to see their research come to life!

A snake tail: how sea snakes evolved light-sensitive skin
by Jenna Crowe-Riddell
Jenna’s performance will examine the unusual ability of snake’s to sense light through their skin. Expect a bit of stand-up comedy, a touch of physical theatre and outrageous fashion.

At my age: Exploring experiences and understandings of frailty through performance arts
by Mandy Archibald
The concept of ‘frailty’ is at the centre of this performance and Mandy will use dance, sound sculpture and innovative lighting to take viewers on an emotional and informative journey through her research.

The Private Lives of Data
by Anisha Fernando and Dancey Gordon
Worried about your online privacy? So are these researchers, as they explore the development of privacy-enhancing tech and policy through spoken word poetry.

A Room without a View: Landscape Art in the Office
by Bridgette Minuzzo
Mime, props and sounds are the centre of this performance, which looks into how landscape art can have a restorative effect in windowless offices.

The Very hungry Parasitoid Wasp
by Erinn Fagan-Jeffries
The metamorphosis of a butterfly gets a magical touch with this performance. Expect the unexpected as you uncover the mysteries of parasitoid wasps.

The Neuroscience of Creativity
by Petra Szabo and Fiona Kerr
Can being creative make our lives better? Through dance, this performance will explore the effect of creativity on our social lives, in business, education and in designing a socio-cultural climate.

Perform your Science will be showcased during National Science Week 2018. Stay tuned for more details!