June 29, 2017

South Australian STEM practitioners have been recognised through many prestigious awards. But who are these brilliant minds? We’ve made a list of SA science award winners to shine a light on their amazing work.

Inspiring South Australia has compiled a comprehensive list of South Australian recipients of major state and national STEM research, teaching and communication awards. The list is designed to acknowledge and improve the visibility of eminent South Australian scientists, communicators and educators.

The list includes winners during the 2011 – 2016 period for the following awards:

  • Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science
  • Young Tall Poppy Science Awards
  • Australian Museum Eureka Prize
  • Unsung Hero of SA Science and Science Communication
  • FameLab
  • Science Excellence Awards SA


Inspiring South Australia encourages the distribution of the list. Individuals and organisations may wish to use the list to identify speakers for upcoming events, school visits, media opportunties and much more. The list may even be used to help fill in some missing Wikipedia entries!

Recently, Inspiring South Australia also released a list of STEM research, teaching, communication, journalism and arts awards, eligible to South Australians.

Let’s get behind our state’s best and brightest!

Cover image by Mike Russell

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