Our region: Adelaide Hills

Our Adelaide Hills are a rich and diverse landscape that has been driving curiosity, connection and innovation for thousands of years. These are the traditional lands of the Peramangk and Kaurna people, and they continue to be a place of connection and community. Peramangk Hills, streams and valleys supported their unique lifestyles and much sought-after trading partnerships with Kaurna and other neighbours.

Early European settlers transformed the iconic Adelaide Hills landscapes into a picturesque patchwork of agriculture, viticulture, and remnant bushland studded with silver and gold mines.

Today our Adelaide Hills and valleys continue to support an internationally renowned nature hotspot amidst vibrant communities and technology. Several of our threatened species are unique to the Mount Lofty Ranges – they don’t occur anywhere else in the world! This is a landscape where children delight in discovery, and innovative food, wine and nature-based industries are deeply rooted in community while reaching out to the world.

Looking to the future, the challenges facing our Adelaide Hills industries and communities include:

  • changing climate and an increase in extreme weather events (including wildfires)
  • changing land use from mainly agriculture to a complex patchwork of agriculture, viticulture, lifestyle and residential properties amidst bushland
  • retaining the landscape and lifestyles we love while continuing to be competitive in the global market.

The Adelaide Hills Science Hub was established in June 2018 to inspire local communities to tackle these challenges by creating a more collaborative approach to science engagement within the Adelaide Hills. Our Hub offers support to over 244,300 people who live within the 190,700 hectares of Adelaide Hills, Mount Barker, and Onkaparinga Local Government Areas. Over 2% of these hectares are highly-prized and protected native bushland. Our major industries are embedded in evidence-based science and technology: health and social services; retail; education and training; and construction.

Our Adelaide Hills Science Hub supports a diverse range of community science activities across astronomy, engineering, and ecology that are:

  • creative and fun
  • evidence-based
  • innovative
  • inclusive
  • inspired by our beautiful biodiversity hotspot.

We’re excited about bringing you an innovative series of events to throw together science, art, and industry in new and unexpected ways.  We’d love you to join us!

Adelaide Hills science hub

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