Our region: Kangaroo Island

Established in 2017, the Kangaroo Island Regional Science Hub covers an area of around 4,370 square kilometres surrounded by ocean. Situated approximately 15 kilometres off South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula, the Island is home to approximately around 4,400 people who reside primarily in the four townships, the largest being Kingscote.

Having a healthy natural resource base and environment is fundamental to the sustainability of Kangaroo Island’s industries, and supports the well-being, happiness and lifestyles of the community.

Natural resources underpin a range of industries, with primary production, commercial fishing, and nature-based and farm-based tourism making up around 90% of the gross regional product.

KI contains the highest proportion of remnant vegetation of all South Australian agricultural regions. Around 40% of the island is covered by native vegetation, maintaining significant areas of relatively intact ecosystems. Significant national parks include Flinders Chase and Seal Bay. The region is noted for its abundant wildlife, thanks to relatively few predators and extensive native habitats. There are over 45 plant species unique to the Island, and a number of endemic animal species or sub-species including the glossy black-cockatoo, KI dunnart and the KI short-beaked echidna, all nationally threatened species under the federal governments EPBC Act.

Managing natural resources on the island is important and challenging. The region’s residents and over 200,000 visitors per year use and enjoy the island’s natural resources – some, such as primary producers and tourist operators, depend directly on natural resources for their income.

Climate change adds a further layer of complexity and uncertainty and brings with it highly significant threats, requiring both urgent mitigation and ongoing adaptation. Building the resilience of the Island’s natural environment, community and economy is of paramount importance so that the Island community may adapt to a changing climate and prosper.

The Key scientific features of our Hub include:

  • Natural resource management
  • Sustainable production
  • Education
  • Environmental tourism




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