Our region: Murray and Mallee

Established in 2015, the Murray and Mallee Regional Science Hub is characterised by the River Murray and its surrounding environments. The SA Murray-Darling Basin region extends from where the River Murray crosses the SA/Victorian border, down to where it meets the sea at the Coorong. Major towns include Mount Barker, Murray Bridge, Lameroo, Goolwa and Berri.

The region covers six distinct ecological areas:

  • River Murray
  • Coorong and Lower Lakes
  • Murray Mallee
  • Murray Plains
  • Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges
  • South Olary Plains


Overall it covers 56,000 square kilometres, and hosts around 125,000 people as residents.

The landscape of the Murray-Darling Basin is one of national and international renown characterised by the mighty River Murray, Lower Lakes and Coorong, extensive native vegetation on public and private lands, Ramsar sites, rangelands and a huge diversity of native species.

The River Murray supplies the majority of the water needs for the capital city of Adelaide as well as other towns in the state.

The region is an important food bowl for the state, producing premium wine, food and fibre for the domestic and export markets.

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