November 14, 2019

Building on the success of previous years, Inspiring South Australia once again offered a round of Science-Arts grants for the development and production of a science communication project that links at least two groups or organisations, including at least one identifying as  ‘science’ and one as ‘arts’. The projects needed to tell a locally relevant science-related story to the wider community.

The successful projects for 2019-2020 were:

Transcending The Gender Narrative: led by Narrative Marketing

The project is an 8 part TV, web and podcast documentary series, delivering a diverse look at the women and men championing female in traditionally male dominated industries, including Science, Engineering, Technology, Construction, Mining + Sport. The documentary will highlight positive role models and programs that are breaking down existing gender barriers; including the Inspiring South Australia Little Bang program that makes Science accessible to all children, irrespective of gender. Through creating content that generates conversation and examples of how we can move away from ‘us and them’ gender conversations we will encourage more inclusive gender norms for both women and men.

Screen Unseen: Beyond the Visible: Led by Walking Story

Screen Unseen: Beyond the Visible is a project incorporating six inter-linked events: three arts/science workshops, a community forum or ‘think tank’, and the creation/presentation of a video installation work as part of a Kangaroo Island-based arts festival and an Adelaide-based, group art exhibition. All aspects of the project will be based upon the scientific research of  paleoclimatologist and isotope geochemist, Dr. Jonathan Tyler, and his team from The University of Adelaide. Through its various components, Screen Unseen: Beyond the Visible will explore and express the concepts associated with the visible and invisible factors relating to climate change and its relationships to regional drought/flood events.

A story of the Motherfish: Led by the Marine Discovery Centre

A story of the Motherfish will create and exhibit a series of artworks by the community, utilising found plastic debris, that explores the story of fish evolution and adaptation, and the possible consequences of micro plastics. In so doing to underpin those stories with the appropriate science and place them in the context of Kaurna understanding. During the process, to collect and share peoples’ stories as they develop the artwork, and create a video, and short musical performance that explores those stories, and the people’s understanding of the science.

Heavy Metal – Sound in the Steel Works and Whyalla community: Led by Whyalla City Council/Country Arts SA

Ecological sound artist Dr Jesse Budel will work within the local industrial mining and steel-making environments, and the staff within those environments, investigating their soundscapes from ecoacoustics (science-based) and acoustic ecology (arts/social sciences) perspectives.  The project will result in two outcomes: an AV educational resource concerning sound and vibrational safety within the industrial environment, and an original soundscape composition work utilizing local environmental and industrial sounds.  Choreography to this work will be developed by a local dance collective and filmed for presentation at the Middleback Arts Centre.

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