January 18, 2021

Looking for some science shows?

During The Adelaide Fringe, we collate a Science at the Fringe Guide – your scientific shortcut to the Adelaide Fringe Festival!

The 2021 Adelaide Fringe Season runs from the 19th February until the 21st March.

Our  Science at the Fringe guide is not just for science-buffs. It’s for anyone and everyone who likes to discover and learn amazing things about the world. We’ve compiled a concoction of the curious, amusing, fascinating and ingenious science-themed shows at this year’s Adelaide Fringe Festival.

And, for the first time ever, there is also a Science at the Fringe Award, so one of these lucky events will be a prizewinner!

Download the Science at the Fringe Guide 2021 now. Read it, share it, love it!

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