April 18, 2019

The National Grant Recipients for events during National Science Week 2019 have been announced! You can read the full list, or check out the South Australian events below.

South Australian National Grant Recipients:

SCINEMA International Science Film Festival Community Screenings
The Royal Institution of Australia

SCINEMA International Science Film Festival 2019 showcases a selection of science features, shorts, documentaries, animated and experimental films from filmmakers around the world.

In early 2019, the hunt for the best science on screen began, with filmmakers submitting their films. After a judging process in autumn, the selection of finalists premieres in major cities across Australia.

SCINEMA culminates in a Community Screening Program during National Science Week, where schools, councils and community groups anywhere—from a school gym in Geraldton to a library in Lismore—can register to host their own free screening of a curated SCINEMA film playlist.

Kids Navigate Neuroscience
University of Adelaide

Why doesn’t food taste as good when we have a cold? How do neurons communicate? What does the brain look like up close? In this fun and interactive children’s event, kids aged 6 to 11 will explore how the brain and nervous system work by participating in a series of neuroscience exhibits, created by faculty and students at the Adelaide Medical School at the University of Adelaide.

Examine how information moves between neurons by playing a game of Synaptic Ping Pong, build layers (meninges) around an egg to see what types of protection are best for the brain, explore how optical illusions work, look at human brains up close, and more. At each station, children can collect a stamp in their ‘Passport to the Brain’, and work towards earning an official ‘Brain in Training’ certificate. At the end of the event, all children will come together to compete in a quiz for prizes.

Southern Cross Outreach Observatory Project
Muhammad Hussain

An observatory on wheels will head to regional South Australia in August.

Southern Cross Outreach Observatory Project is a mobile astronomical observatory taking science engagement to regional communities. This mobile observatory is designed to travel far and wide, and is equipped with computerised telescopes for solar viewing and night-time astronomy.

The Port Adelaide Dolphins
History Trust of South Australia

Meet Port Adelaide’s local dolphins and a man who knows all about them and is on a mission to save them. Chair of the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary Dr Mike Bossley will deliver a special presentation about dolphins and the history and purpose of the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary where he will draw upon his 25 years’ experience in studying the wild dolphin population in the area. In 2005, Bossley’s ongoing study of dolphins in Adelaide’s Port River estuary was the basis for the SA Government declaring the area a dolphin sanctuary.

The presentation is free to the general public. In addition the South Australian Maritime Museum will offer special dolphin search cruises in National Science Week 2019.

Clare Valley Science Spectacular
Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council

The Clare Valley Science Spectacular is a week-long festival of science, featuring science shows, exhibits from local industry, demonstrations and competitions, culminating in a two-day science fair. Environmental activities will help visitors understand the world around them, including building and designing with the principles of reuse, remake and recycle.

This initiative brings a regional version of Adelaide’s Science Alive! Festival to the Clare and Gilbert Valleys community and extends Clare Library’s significant STEM program.