Read a book and win a prize as part of the STEM Reading and Design Challenge.

The STEM Reading and Design Challenge invities students of all ages to pick-up and read a science-related book. This new competition is part of The Premier’s Reading Challenge, and is designed to get more kids into books and STEM.

Students are challenged to read one or more books from the Premier’s Reading Challenge book list, that are considered Science, STEM, Science Fiction or Nature. After reading the book, students must complete a simple task, based on what they’ve just read. If they’ve met the challenge, they’ll win a prize!

There are four categories to enter, based on the age of the student:

  • Students in Reception – Year 2 must draw a picture based on the book they have read.
  • Students in Year 3 – 5 must plan an invention (description, drawing) inspired by the book they have read.
  • Students in Year 6 – 9 must design a STEM poster to inspire interest in science-related fields, based upon the book they have read.
  • Mature students must write a review of one or more of the books they have read, to inspire reader interest.


All participating students will receive a certificate as part of their efforts. A selection of science/maker/robotic kits, books and vouchers will also be awarded to the best individual entry and runner-up in each age group and to the school with the most entries. Winners will be announced during National Science Week.

To apply, simply send your entry to:

STEM Reading and Design Challenge
C/O Premier’s Reading Challenge
5th Floor, 31 Flinders Street

Be sure to include your name, student year at school, school name, school contact details, teacher details and the name of the STEM Book read from Premier’s Reading Challenge book list.

The STEM Reading and Design Challenge is brought to you by The Premier’s Reading Challenge and Inspiring South Australia.

The STEM Reading and Design Challenge starts on May 15 and finishes on 7 July, 2017. For more information, download and share the STEM Reading and Design Challenge, or contact Mark Williams, Manager of The Premier’s Challenges, on 8226 2006.


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