November 2, 2020

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Inspiring South Australia supported the science-themed epsiodes of a documentary series that aims to provide a diverse viewpoint of the women and men, who are championing diversity and equality  in traditionally male dominated industries or roles.

The documentary series investigatse how to shift our conversations from an “us + them” or “he + she” mentality to an inclusive approach, on getting the best fit for role, regardless of gender.

Watch all episodes online now

From the doco team:

“Join us across this 8 part documentary series as we investigate how to transcend our current gender narrative. Through interviews with women in typically male dominated industries or roles, we look at how to move past previously existing gender stereotypes. In each episode we, also interview the male counterparts who support and champion women in these positions.

In the creation of the 8 part series we have made a conscious decision to have conversations across women, men, youth and ethnicity to ensure we capture a diverse range of viewpoints and life experiences. If we are truly going to achieve a transcendence of the currently limiting gender norms, we need to do this together, with voices and representation across the Australian community.”

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