In 2020, global events forced many organisations to adapt their large scale events and STEM engagement for online delivery modes. Inspiring Australia state programs developed an online  training opportunity to assist community partners to transition their programs to online delivery.

A series of online training sessions were conducted in May 2020, and the attached manuals were available to participants. These manuals draw on the expertise of specialists in online education and STEM communication backed by research to deliver the tools, techniques and tips to help practitioners develop rich, deep and meaningful online STEM engagement.

The Virtual Excursions training package has been coordinated for national delivery by Inspiring Australia NSW. It is produced and delivered by Fizzics Education, Sydney Science Education and Refraction Media with support from the Office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer and state Inspiring Australia programs in NSW, ACT, QLD, WA and SA.

Virtual Excursions – Web Conferencing 101 (PDF) 

Virtual Excursions – Web Conferencing 101 (recordings of online training videos)

Virtual Excursions – Partnering for Impact (PDF)

Virtual Excursions – Partnering for Impact (recordings of online training videos)

Virtual Excursions – Best Practice for Engaging Audiences (PDF)

Virtual Excursions – Best Practice for Engaging Audiences (recordings of online training videos)