National Science Week

National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology. Running in August each year, it features more than 1000 events around Australia, including those delivered by universities, schools, research institutions, libraries, museums and science centres.

These events attract a wide audience from children to adults and science amateurs to professionals. Over one million people participate in science events across the nation.

Get on board with Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology!

Running each year in August, National Science Week features more than 1000 events around the country and engages more than 1 million people!

2023 Theme

The 2023 schools theme will be Innovation: Powering Future Industries.

The theme will incorporate the advancement in technology in all industries, especially using artificial intelligence (AI).

Curriculum Focus

The curriculum focus of theme will be on:

  • Science as a Human Endeavour
  • Chemical Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Earth and Space Sciences, and
  • Biological Sciences

For more information about National Science Week visit the website.

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