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Canva Creations

Canva is a free to use online graphic design tool and in this presentation we will explore the various tools and functions

Canva Creations2024-05-14T16:12:02+09:30

Tech Talk: Virtual Environments

Virtual Environments include virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, extended reality, and spatial computing. This talk will explain some of technology and

Tech Talk: Virtual Environments2024-05-14T16:00:35+09:30


Explore, create, and have fun with STEAM at the library!  STEAM Mates is a weekly interactive activity focusing on one of the

STEAM Mates2024-01-24T14:32:00+10:30

Bettongs & Buddies

Join Rufous the Bettong, a wannabe violinist, on his hilarious journey through the bush where he encounters other native animals who teach

Bettongs & Buddies2023-12-07T13:10:13+10:30

Observe the Moon Night

Join us for a family friendly telescope viewing of the moon!   NASA’s Observe the Moon Night is an annual celebration to

Observe the Moon Night2023-07-28T15:34:41+09:30

Tabletop Tech

Dungeon, Dragons, and RPG meets Technology! In this fun, interactive course we explore and try out a range of technology that will

Tabletop Tech2023-07-27T15:34:56+09:30

Create a 3D printable character

Create a custom 3D printable Dungeons and Dragons style character with Eldrich Foundry. Characters will then be printed in the library and

Create a 3D printable character2023-06-01T14:45:05+09:30

What is Nanotechnology?

Join us at the library for National Science Week! What is Nanotechnology? And what impact will it have on society? Learn about

What is Nanotechnology?2023-06-20T10:14:22+09:30
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