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Jenny McCracken @ RiAus

To mark the 100th edition of its science publication Cosmos Magazine, the Royal Institution of Australia has commissioned visual artist Jenny McCracken

Jenny McCracken @ RiAus2023-08-11T11:47:15+09:30

Native Plants on Earth and Beyond

As humans continue to explore further from our home planet, Australia's hardy native plants could be the answer to a nourishing diet.

Native Plants on Earth and Beyond2023-08-01T13:04:23+09:30

Night Lab: In Our Element

Night Lab is back and it’s gonna be the Mother (Nature) of all parties! Join us for an evening that is sure

Night Lab: In Our Element2023-07-28T16:11:48+09:30

What is Nanotechnology?

Join us at the library for National Science Week! What is Nanotechnology? And what impact will it have on society? Learn about

What is Nanotechnology?2023-06-20T10:14:22+09:30


Are limits made to be pushed? We dare you to find out. Your capacity for pain will be put to the test

FLEX at MOD.2023-01-30T11:55:42+10:30
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