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Point of Impact – MOD. @ UniSA

Point of Impact - MOD. @ UniSA new online interactive POINT OF IMPACT that challenges the player to balance risk and reward to

So Many Satellites!

Australian Space Discovery Centre

What is a satellite? What do they do? And why are there so many of them? Join us to explore the many

Solar System Explorers

Australian Space Discovery Centre

Explore our Solar System, investigate what makes each planet unique, and find out why human-like life doesn’t thrive on planets other than

What Is: Defence Space Command

Australian Space Discovery Centre

What is the Australian Defence Force doing in space? Join Major Tom Bittner from Defence Space Command to learn about the internationally

What Is: Space Weather

Australian Space Discovery Centre

Join Dr Tom Grace, a Bureau of Meteorology Space Weather Forecaster, to discover what drives space weather, why it matters to us

I Wonder…

Don Pyatt Hall, Norwood 175 The Parade, Norwood, South Australia

**BRAND NEW SHOW!** Are you ready to see some super fun science LIVE ON STAGE right here in Adelaide, Australia? Written in

$15 – $25