Recording and transcript of Briefing 30 April 2024

For those who couldn’t attend the Inspiring SA and SA National Science Week briefing on Tuesday 30 April you are able to access the recording and the transcript.

Recording of Inspiring SA and SA National Science Week briefing 30 April 2024

Inspiring SA and SA NSWk briefing 30 April 2024 Unedited Transcript

All the information about the Inspiring SA and SA National Science Week grants can be found here.

Expressions of interest are welcome to be part of Payirri-apinthirlu naalityangka (Kaurna for investigate with you all) the First Nations Science Festival, as part of National Science Week.

To help you design and deliver a great National Science Week event, there are a range of free resources available.

If you would like to nominate some for the Unsung Hero of Science or Unsung Hero of Science Communication the information and nomination form are here.

Inspiring SA is seeking feedback on the Science Communication and Science Engagement Ecosystem map, please get in touch if you know someone or something is missing. An updated map will be released during National Science Week.

If you would like to join the next Inspiring SA Community of Practice either in person at the South Australian Museum or via Teams, please email

Nominations are open for the South Australian Citizen Science Award, a partnership between Inspiring SA, Australian Citizen Science Association – SA Chapter and the Department for Environment and Water. 

We were delighted to announce Tiahni Adamson as the South Australian National Science Week Ambassador.


If you have any questions about what was discussed at the briefing please email Alison Kershaw, Inspiring SA Program Manager at